Dark Souls II PC Release date

If you played Dark Souls on the PC like me, your probably very curious as to when the game is going to drop.
Bandai Namco has not been very helpful about this until recently. Cats out of the bag, PC release date will be

April 25th 2014!

Many of you are probably wondering on why there is a delay. Namco caught a lot of flack for the poor port with Dark Souls and really want to avoid it this time around. Somebody else had to patch there game for them for heavens sake. It’s a good thing the Pc community has such a dedicated following of modders and etc. (Also if you played the PC all these modders and hackers sometimes are not such a great thing.)

I played Dark Souls on the Xbox before playing on the PC and it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I expected the same thing from the PC and unmodded it was pretty bad.

Do yourself a favor and buy a controller if your going PC. Even though they added mouse functionality, you do not want to play with one

According to  Techno Buffalo.com, the port is going to be a beautiful thing.

Dark Souls II will run at four times the graphic resolution of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it will also run at a steady 60 fps. Unlike from what it has stated in previous reports, FromSoftware has caved in and decided to add keyboard and mouse support. It might not be happy about it though.

Thanks for getting things right this time guys. Your doing things right this time around even if it’s slow

Un-killable Beta NPCS not so Un-killable

I expect the web to be washed anew with beta footage and comments from the lucky users that got to participate in Dark Souls 2 Network Beta. By some strange twist of fate, I was one of those lucky few.  While I will post most of my impressions in a later article, I wanted to follow up on a recent article we posted last week regarding un-killable NPCS.  It was based on an article from

Simon Parkin on Eurogamer.net which states:

“I couldn’t kill the shopkeeper. I tried everything, from quick knives to slow broadswords, from dull clubs to a bright, ethereal shower of lightning bolts fired from a splayed palm but, regardless of the weapon of choice, she merely laughed her witchy laugh and asked me once again if there was anything in particular I was after ”

Sounds pretty concrete right? My only question for Simon would be, Did you try playing dual swordsman and smacking her with the  Zweihander and the Greatsword at the same time?  Because that seemed to do the trick. After repeatedly attacking her she went all crazy with her house backpack and started trying to fight me.  She was no match for the crazy nonsense build of the two giant swords I was using just for fun.
So whats the deal with the misinformation. I’m chalking it up to either:

A:The Beta I got to play was a more recent one which made the only NPC you came across killable

B: Simon does not hate NPCs as much as me and did not try as hard as I did to kill them in the beta

I’m thinking that circumstance  A is more probable.

In true Dark Souls fashion the rewards you get for killing a NPC were very meager but that’s not the point! The point is that you can, and that choice has not been taken away.

It’s great that the they are making it harder this time around to provoke NPCS on accident. This was a big problem in the other games. You accidentally roll into one of them and suddenly they are out for your head.  If this is the trend for the rest of them the guys in the game then I consider it to be a big improvement.

5 reasons Dark Souls 2 will be a challenge

If there’s one question that every Dark Souls 2 fan seems to have it’s “Is this game going to be as challenging as the previous two?”  This is such a common question because of the nature of the Soul series.They have a reputation for being hard. Players enjoy Dark Souls not only for the game-play, but for the challenge it presents. So you can imagine how many were upset with talk about there being an easy mode or making the game more accessible.  Many feel that the push to making games have a more mass appeal is ruining gaming.  Luckily it seems that Dark Souls 2 is still true to it’s roots.

Here’s 5 reasons we feel Dark Souls 2 will still be a challenge

#1. More intelligent Enemy AI

There are really upgrading the way enemy reacts this time around. Enemies will play dead and wait for you to walk past them, once you do they will get up and ambush you from behind. Other enemies that look like a turtle shaped knights encased in armor will react to you trying to back-stab them by simply falling back and crushing you. While it’s true that monsters in the other game have been able to parry occasionally, this kind thing seems like an upgrade.  Other footage shows brutish enemies busting through walls to throttle unsuspecting players or gangs of thieves outright getting the upper hand. Better watch your step this time around.

#2. Human/Hollow Invasion

Your never truly safe from invasion anymore in Dark Souls II. Getting slaughtered by a red phantom is a real harrowing experience while your human, just wait until it happens while your running low on health as a hollow. It was a common strategy in Dark Souls to not become human while carrying a lot of souls. Why open up your self to invasion? Cash those babies in before you take the risk. Well it looks like your piggy bank of souls is never going to be truly safe anymore until  you cash them in at a bonfire.

#3.Separate Life Bars

Is there a part in the game that’s just kicking your butt? You keep on trying over and over again until you beat it right? Eventually you will get good enough that you can beat that level of difficulty. What if your life bar kept on getting smaller every-time you died?  People that have played Demon Souls will remember this mechanic. Your difficulty is going to get ramped up when most people would expect things to get easier. If you were on a computer in this situation you would expect the windows paper clip to pop up and say “Having trouble?” in Dark Souls 2, the paper clip would just back-stab you and then be like “Was that it? That’s all you got?” Your life total keeps on getting smaller and smaller while your hollow and won’t be restored until your human again. Brutal huh?

#4 Mirror Knight

A knight figure tries to bust out of the MirrorKnights sheildWhen I get out, your dead.Dark Souls 2 will feature a boss called the Mirror Knight. He is a large metallic warrior behemoth wielding a giant sword and a large shiny mirror like shield. Dark Souls Vet:“Doesn’t sound like a problem to me. I’ve fought the 4 Kings and I can kill the sewer dragon without taking any damage.” Mirror Knight: “Wow you sound tough! Oh wait, I’ve got a another player inside my shield that would love to break out and kill you. Also, this could happen more than once. Good luck.” That’s right, you will most likely have to fend off invasion while fighting this boss. This really up’s the difficulty because your bringing other players skill into the mix. For all you know, the player that comes out of the shield could be worse than the Mirror Knight. This is pure  awesome.



#5 What would you like, Torch or Shield?

Dark Souls 2 character exploers a cave with a torch

I have a bad feeling about this

Dark Souls 2 features many areas that your in complete darkness. No worries right? The creators have kindly provided a torch to hold in your hand while you traipse around in some horrible monster filled basement. Your skulking around in the depths when you come across a baddie. You confidently walk up to block and realize that you have a torch equipped in the slot where your shield would normally be and get pummeled. “No sweat” you think, “I will just switch on my shield next time”. Suddenly, all the lights go out when you pu taway your torch. It’s one or the other, and the monsters can see in the dark.     


Unkillable NPCS in Dark Souls 2?



There’s always been one thing that I’ve enjoyed about the Dark Soul series. No, it’s not all of the Estus flasks/Sunny Delight that one get’s to drink, It’s the ability to kill the NPCs. I think it might date back to other games where NPCs were not nearly as helpful as they should have been. In old school RPG’s it was the random villager who is set on a random walk path that would conveniently block your exit from the area. Who are you? Why won’t you let me leave *sob Or it could possibly be the random quest giver who wants you to run some mundane task. Out of everybody in this town who you could ask help find lettuce for you, why are you asking me?  There’s a reason why I spend all my time in SKYRIM blasting peoples dinner & precious possessions  out into space with my super dragon breath. Quest givers in general are annoying.


So you can imagine my delight when I come upon the Crestfallen WarrioI'm so whiny and my only purpose is to make you depressedr

You mean  I can get stuff for taking this guy out? I won’t have to listen to him anymore? That was easy!

< blah blah blah I’m so depressing. I serve no real purpose. blah blah blah blah


 I’m obviously bad & I’m plotting something. >

  Time to take a trip of the cliff via a kick buddy! : )





Times they could be a changin

Simon Parkin of Eurogamer.net had this to say from his Dark Souls 2 Beta play-through about an unkillable NPC Shopkeeper:

I couldn’t kill the shopkeeper. I tried everything, from quick knives to slow broadswords, from dull clubs to a bright, ethereal shower of lightning bolts fired from a splayed palm but, regardless of the weapon of choice, she merely laughed her witchy laugh and asked me once again if there was anything in particular I was after  Simon Parkin Eurogamer.net

What the what? Later in the article Simon guesses that it’s possible that they have just not added a death animation for her yet. This seems almost like an overly optimistic hope. I’m thinking there are just some characters that you can’t killed in Dark Souls 2.  This seems like a big step backward to me.In Dark Souls the rewards for killing an NPC have never really been all that grand. To me, it’s the fact that you can  even make the choice is what’s great. On the other hand,   I would concede that it is to entirely too easy to provoke NPCS on accident and end up ruining your game. Internet forums about the game are full of examples of players accidentally rolling into the shop keeper who then go’s loco crazy and starts attacking. Of course they defend themselves and end up killing a vital character needed for their class to progress.

Unkillable in Dark Souls 2?

If this is indeed true, than this impacts the newest game in a major way. It somehow makes it seem less imersive to me. While in the past, not all NPCS were killable but most key ones were.  What if there is another “Crestfallen Warrior” in this game and I can’t make him shut up? Whose fault is that? I’m guess I’m going to choose to be optimistic and hope that there are just some NPCS and not all, that are untouchable in the game.

*Update! They can be killed. After your done reading this one, go check out http://www.darksouls2forum.com/?p=3242